“My aim is to write the kind of true stories that challenge easy answers and invite a more compassionate view of our sublimely imperfect selves.”


With a MD in psychiatry and an MFA in creative writing; as a university professor and inventor of new treatments for those in crisis; and as an extreme rock climber and rescue worker who has also struggled with trauma, Dr. Fletcher Taylor has seen the world from many perspectives.

With humor and humility, he writes of his struggles while climbing through the steep terrain of life’s challenges. He began journaling when his kids were young, capturing the things they did and said and later about the other things he noticed. He wrote between patients, late at night, or in his spare moments. He never imagined writing about a period of his life that changed him forever.

Fletcher Taylor, MD, MFA
Writer, Doctor, Researcher, Climber

My aim is to share the kind of stories that allow for a more compassionate view of our sublimely imperfect selves. I hope this will nudge others to doing the same, so that we can all deepen our connection with each other and with every living thing on earth.



In the past, “modern” medicine has relied heavily on evaluation, categorization/diagnosis, often followed by a prescription. However in the words of William Bruce Cameron, “Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted.” We are much more than a checklist of symptoms. It is the stories we tell that enable us to really know each other.


I have discovered new treatments for PTSD and learning disabilities that have improved the lives of people all over the world.


The meditation of movement over stone is its own medicine and helps me stay sane in an insane world. It has been my heart path for learning to trust others with my vulnerabilities and with my life.