Engage with Dr. Fletcher Taylor in a live session. In-person and virtual audiences of health care workers, first responders, trauma survivors, writers and adventurers will enjoy Fletcher’s customized live talks, panel discussions, and readings.

Topics include:

  • The Climber’s Life: Our Epic Adventures and Magnificent Failures

  • Intimacy, Harmony, and Discord: A Sacred Trifecta

  • Memory: How to Dance with Both Trauma and Bliss

  • Blunders vs. Perfectionism: What Nature Teaches Us (Why we can thank the ocean’s banana slugs)

  • How our Bodies are Divining Rods to Wisdom

  • Falling into the Fear and the Joy

  • Portraying Adversaries on the Page: What it Says About You, the Writer

As a psychiatrist Fletcher Taylor divides his professional time between clinical practice, teaching, and research. His published research includes work with anxiety/depression, learning disabilities, trauma-related issues, and sleep physiology. He and Alita Taylor founded Open Dialogue Pacific, an institute dedicated to teaching the Open Dialogue approach to providing mental health care for individuals with their families and communities. Learn more about his practice at opendialoguepacific.com