Fletcher Taylor has written on a wide range of subjects—from his upcoming memoir to articles in literary journals, climbing magazines, and medical research periodicals.


“My intent is to bring fresh perspectives to my readers in hopes they will be brought to themselves, set free to find their voices and tell their own true stories.”


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Professional credentials include:

  • MFA, creative writing, Pacific University
  • Published author in literary and medical journals
  • Assistant Clinical Professor, University of Washington
  • Former physician and team leader for the Tacoma Mountain Rescue Unit
  • Clinical Psychiatrist working with individuals, families, and communities, in private practice in Washington
  • Published medical researcher having discovered new treatments for anxiety, depression, learning disabilities, trauma, and insomnia
  • Founder, with wife Alita Taylor, of Open Dialogue Pacific can institute dedicated to teaching Open Dialogue to mental health care practitioners, their families, and communities
  • Professional training in the Open Dialogue approach, cognitive therapies, behavioral therapies, analytic theory, transactional analysis, and family systems theory
  • Psychiatric training at the University Hospitals of Cleveland, Case Western University, Ohio
  • Medical training at the University of Oklahoma

Private practice website: https://www.opendialoguepacific.com


“Exploring Dialogical Responses in a Time of Crisis” | Live Town Hall Podcast series. | A discussion and reflection on the relevance of the Open Dialogue approach to relationships and writing during pandemic | 2020

Visiting Scholar, Winter residency | Writing didactic at Pacific University| Co-taught “Sense Memory” a class focusing on writing vivid scenes by employing all senses | 2017

Reading of “Blood Money” and other poems | Seattle Lit Crawl | Hotel Sorrento | Seattle | 2016

Reading of “Rozo is a Chicken” | The Moth at Seaside, OR | Second place | 2016
“Prazosin and PTSD” | Washington Sleep Society Annual Conference: A presentation of findings on a new treatment for trauma-relevant nightmares | 2018

“Fear” | Canadian Broadcasting Corporation | Television The Nature of Things The Passion and the Fury, Part Three of a Four Part Series. | Dr. Taylor is interviewed along with someone who has benefitted from his new treatment, prazosin, for her PTSD symptoms | 2007

Visiting scholar | Harvard School of Medicine | Mt Sinai Hospital |Including presentation of sleep research findings to the medical school | 2007

Co-presenter with Amy F T Arnsten, John H Morrison, Susan R Sesack Lois Winsky: Mechanisms of Stress-Induced Modulation of Prefrontal Cortex Circuitry and Function. 45th ACNP Annual Meeting in Hollywood, Florida | 2006

Radio interview | Seattle’s KING 5 | Interview by Ellen Lia on advances in treatment of learning disabilities | 2002

Visiting scholar | Yale School of Medicine | Including presentation of sleep research findings to the medical school | 2001

Radio interview | Business Week | Dr. Fletcher is interviewed on new study for the treatment of ADHD | 2000
Dr. Taylor’s research work has been quoted in 877 journal articles (Resarchgate.net)

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